Community Events

Tulane Family Dentistry appreciates the relationships that we have formed within the short time the practice has been open. As you all know, we have worked diligently to create a stronghold and increase access to dental care within our community. We aspire to be the driving force for change in the perception of our profession by educating and increasing access to resources to those around us. In an effort to make an impact, TFD has started an annual Community Celebration, which serves as a tool to increase our presence within the community while showing appreciation for our patients and neighbors.

community events

As proponents for access to healthcare, access to education is just as important. Breakthrough NOLA (formally Summerbridge New Orleans) is a program that was founded to bring awareness to the lack of educational equality in New Orleans. Its guiding initiatives are to provide scholarship and advocacy to high performing children of low socioeconomic status. They achieve this by placing accepted children in a tuition-free, year round program that introduces them to opportunities within education while challenging them to excel. Because we hold the mission of this program very close to our hearts, we raffle off oral health prizes in support of BTNOLA. All of the proceeds from the raffle will be donated directly to BTNOLA so that they can continue to execute their mission.

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