Value of Dental Care for Kids

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends regular dental care for children. Their dentist should see them the moment their primary teeth (baby teeth) erupt. Although their baby teeth will eventually fall out, they should still receive proper oral care. A good foundation in dental health ensures myriad benefits for your child. If you want to start bringing your child to the dentist regularly, here’s what you should know about the value of dental care for kids.


Establishes Good Cognition


Studies show that dental hygiene has a direct effect on a child’s cognitive performance. Children who have poor oral health usually have inadequate learning ability and academic performance. Many schools have a high number of absences because of tooth infection or toothache. This causes the children to miss lessons, homework, and projects. Young students tend to fall behind because of the discomfort and stress they experience. Statistics show that 24 percent of these children do not complete their homework. Practicing good oral hygiene can help your child excel in school. It can also help your child become a well-rounded person.


Facilitates Optimal General Health


Experts say that oral health influences a child’s general health. Poor dental hygiene has negative effects on a child’s development. The child cannot smile, breathe, speak, or feed properly. Children with tooth decay and constant toothaches are usually underweight, irritable, malnourished, and prone to illnesses as well. Poor oral health generally causes inadequate sleep, pain, low esteem, and embarrassment. Your child will gain optimal health once proper dental care is established.


Maintains Psychosocial Health


Constant dental problems cause various psychosocial repercussions from childhood to adolescence. Children become irritable and emotionally unstable. If they have dental malocclusions, they have a constant fear of rejection or bullying. They isolate themselves because of this. Child behaviorists say that children and adolescents with poor oral health tend to be unhappy, shy, awkward, or even feel worthless. With good dental care, your child can exceed expectations in and out of the school premises.


Prevents Long-Term Health Problems

Clinical data show that dental infection leads to various chronic health conditions. Periodontal disease, stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues are only some of them. If your child has regular dental checks, you can prevent these issues. Dental exams can also ward off acid reflux, nutrient deficiencies, and tooth grinding (bruxism). They can even detect tumors in the mouth.


Teaches Good Oral Hygiene


Bringing your child to the dentist for dental checks establishes good dental hygiene habits at a young age. Your pediatric dentist can show proper brushing and flossing techniques. There might even be a treat for your child after the checkup. The pleasant experience inside the dental exam room can make your child look forward to the next dental visit. You won’t even have to stress about reminding your child to brush after every meal.


Proper dental care brings many benefits to your child other than having healthy teeth and gums. At Tulane Family Dentistry, we always make routine dental exams pleasant, especially for our younger patients. Please visit our clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana, for a one-on-one consultation. You can also call us at 504-226-5740 if you want to schedule an appointment or make inquiries about our pediatric dental care packages.



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