Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

This might surprise you, but teeth aren’t supposed to be naturally white. They should be a pearly shade that slowly turns more yellow, regardless of how great your dental hygiene routine is. As you age, the outer layer of your tooth enamel gradually wears down. This exposes the teeth’s dentin layer, which is more yellowish. You may see a baby’s beautiful snow-white teeth. But the permanent ones that replace them are more yellow by nature. Over the years, though, tartar and stains from usual wear and tear can darken the color of your teeth. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure a bright, white smile. Here are the benefits of professional teeth whitening:


Fast and Safe


Unlike over-the-counter products, you can have whiter teeth after only a single visit. An in-office teeth-whitening session is particularly great for those who have to attend a big event and need fast results. Since an experienced professional will be performing the procedure, it’s also the safest option. Your dentist can jump in at once if you encounter any discomfort, such as extreme teeth sensitivity. They can also monitor your progress every step of the way. Besides, some tooth discoloration may not respond to whitening treatment. Your dentist can talk you through this. They will save you from wasting your resources for an outcome that’s just impossible.


Strong and Thorough


Your dentist will use whitening gels at varying professional strength. These products contain a peroxide intensity that is often greater than those you can buy from the pharmacy. This means that professional teeth whitening will eliminate stubborn discoloration that the usual in-store kit can’t. They are also thorough. Gaps between your dental appointments will range from a year to few years. This is going to save you a lot of money from whitening treatments in the long run.


Complete and Long-Lasting


Every person is unique and has different oral health care needs. Most whitening kits you can find in pharmacies are one-size-fits-all. You can’t adjust the strength of the whitening gels either. This means that they may work for one person but not for you. Professional teeth-whitening treatments will give you more balanced and even results. Besides, buying a whitening kit over the counter may require multiple treatments. After using them, the results may not even be as good as you intended them to be. A dental office whitening session can provide you a longer-lasting result. They may even offer you to bring home a maintenance kit. This way, you can maintain the beautiful color of your teeth.


Professional teeth whitening is a simple treatment procedure that can offer dramatic results. It’s normal to have questions about how it works. Your dentist can talk you through all of its ins and outs.


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